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In 1988, Aktürk started his business life with retail sales of electronics, watches and cosmetics as a trade.

In 1993, Aktürk Electronics Limited Company. Acted in Gaziantep for Wholesale Market in Electronic Sector

First Importer in the Communication Sector in 2002 Started a National Branded Mobile Phone Import and After Sales Services.

Quality and Reliability in the Sector in 2007 Targeting the Pre-Pull-Out, the Concord brand has entered into a new way of separating technology.

With the Concord brand, which has been registered with the quality of technology in the field of this year 2007, from 2007 to the continuously changing technology of mobile phone, tablet computer, mobile phone accessories, USB stick, memory card, speaker, screen protector, Pc accessories and many new technology products at the best prices The latest developments in compliance are presented to the domestic market with the after sales service and the professional service that has been gained by years of experience. We aim to increase the satisfaction of our customers by offering services that are suited to the demands and expectations of our customers with the expertise and expertise gained through years of knowledge accumulation.

In 2010 by GFK had given the product's Bar in Concord Type Cell Phone in Turkey has been the trademark of our bestsellers 3rd.

In 2012, Concord Tablet is the best-selling Tablet PC on the PC market.

In the 2 ni Quadrant of 2017, Today we have started to produce accessories of ever changing mobile phone and Pc Accessory Group.

Since the establishment of Concord, Sound, Image and Communication are among the Numbered Markets of our country in the sector in terms of Superior Performance.

Who is Aktürk Group?

Akturk Bilişim Teknolojileri A.Ş., located in the 1st. As a technology company, it is the producer of the Concord products that are produced with the latest technology with the help of a young and expert team dynamically by having a corporate structure that has never compromised from the working and quality principles and whose main objective is Customer Satisfaction, expanding Dealerships / Sales Representatives everywhere in the country every day.

2. 25.000 m2 area shows production, import and export activities. Health and Food Fields

Ceylon Tea "Mahbuba Tea"

2 in 1 and 3 in 1 "Mahbuba Coffee"

Unique Taste "Mahbuba Rice" Rice

Flyfix Baby Cloths

Flyfix Wet Wipes

Cold drinks

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To Provide The Latest Technology Products, Quality Service and Happiness To People.


We Aim To Satisfaction Of Our Employees And Customers By Approaching To Follow Close, Honest Service, Quality Product, Technology. We Also Fulfill Our Social Responsibility By Supporting AR-GE Work.